17 October 2018

About HAECO Composite Structures (Jinjiang) Co. Ltd

HAECO Composite Services is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd. (HAECO), with other shareholders which includes Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd. (TAECO), Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, and Quanzhou Export Processing Zone Management (QEPZ).

HAECO Composite Services commenced operations in November 2009 and is a state-of-the-art 17,000 sqm composite and metal bond component repair station. The facility was purpose built with brand-new high quality equipment, such as PAA Line, clean room (bond room), two paint booths, two autoclaves, etc, and designed to process one of the largest nacelle components (i.e. B777 GE90 thrust reversers). Furthermore the facility is self-sufficient in all key processes.

As a member of HAECO family, HAECO Composite Service has been instrumental in supporting nacelle, flight control surfaces and radome repairs in China and the Asia Pacific Region.